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We are a small friendly team of qualified and professional dentists and nurses working together to provide the best care possible for our patients. We feel that a warm welcome and a low-stress atmosphere is the key to helping you feel less worried about your dental visits – we want you to feel comfortable when you visit and confident when you leave. 

Our staff work hard to accommodate you with appointments for relevant treatment, always taking time to ensure you receive the treatment you want and need in the best and most cost-effective way for you.

Meet Our Friendly Team

Dr Mark Taylor

Mark is our Principal dentist, having worked at the Meadow Springs Dental Clinic for over 9 years. Mark holds many appointments throughout the week to try and cater for all patients, whether they’re coming from the city later after work or getting in early on a Saturday morning before the kids’ sports. Mark was trained in the UK in Sheffield and spent some time working in oral surgery in Leeds Hospital, UK, before moving out to Perth to continue with general dental care. Mark can treat all members of your family from the kids to the grandparents! He provides most general dental treatments and if there is something that is on the more complex side of things, Mark will still find the best way to get you the treatment you need. Mark is very laid back and always tries to make his patients feel as comfortable as possible throughout their dental treatment.

Dr Mark Taylor of Meadow Springs Dental
Dr Natasha Maheipala

Natasha is a Queensland qualified general dentist that has a keen interest in orthodontic treatments. Natasha works within the week at Meadow Springs whilst also owning her own dental practice in Bluegum, Mount Pleasant. Natasha provides a wide range of general dental treatments, treating all age groups and has excellent patient skills to work around your needs and get you the best quality treatment.

Tercia Shoemann

Tercia is our practise manager and coordinator – you will most likely be welcomed by her as you enter the clinic or on the phone if you ring us! She is the one with the beautiful South African accent, originally coming from Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal. She has a vast array of experience working with specialist dentists over many years and loves the day-to-day friendly encounters she experiences at work. Tercia will help arrange your appointment and give you all the information you need at the front desk prior to seeing your dentist.

Nursing Staff – Tiarna and Emily

Our nurses are young, hard-working and passionate about their work. They always strive to make your experience the best it can be by keeping you comfortable, looked after and safe. They have a wealth of experience in the dental profession and hold excellent hygiene standards. Tiarna and Emily are both very friendly and approachable and always happy to help you with your dental journey.

Why choose us?

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Our practice has a relaxed atmosphere

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We treat anxious patients with care and respect

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We treat your whole family - from kids to grandparents

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Our dentists are honest, open and approachable

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All of our staff are friendly and professional

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General Routine Dentistry

From routine check-ups to professional scale and cleans to fluoride treatments and fillings, our general routine dentistry services help you keep your teeth in tip-top shape. With our general dentistry, we’ll help you build good dental habits and maintain regular visits to reduce the risk of problems arising. We recommend a regular check up on your dental health every six months, but we can also treat patients with gum disease and gum problems on a more regular basis if needed.

All the members of your family will benefit from regular check-ups and cleans – from one or two years old to our much-loved senior patients. We’ll always provide a friendly and professional service – and don’t worry, if there has been a little time since your last check-up, we don’t judge! We are happy to come up with a plan together to get your smile up to speed and, if it’s required, carry out any treatments in a way that suits you. 

Is it time for a general dental check up?