Oral Surgeries and Extractions

When problems occur and your tooth is beyond saving or if your wisdom teeth must be removed, our experienced dentists will talk you through the procedure and make your tooth removal as comfortable and pain-free as possible. We can treat fractured teeth, infected teeth and carry out wisdom teeth removals.

With some complicated extractions, such as an impacted wisdom tooth or for a medically compromised patient, we can help get you the treatment you need – even if that requires a specialist referral. Our priority is ensuring your comfort and ease throughout the process, with explanations every step of the way for your peace of mind.

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General Routine Dentistry

From routine check-ups to professional scale and cleans to fluoride treatments and fillings, our general routine dentistry services help you keep your teeth in tip-top shape. With our general dentistry, we’ll help you build good dental habits and maintain regular visits to reduce the risk of problems arising. We recommend a regular check up on your dental health every six months, but we can also treat patients with gum disease and gum problems on a more regular basis if needed.

All the members of your family will benefit from regular check-ups and cleans – from one or two years old to our much-loved senior patients. We’ll always provide a friendly and professional service – and don’t worry, if there has been a little time since your last check-up, we don’t judge! We are happy to come up with a plan together to get your smile up to speed and, if it’s required, carry out any treatments in a way that suits you. 

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